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Hi, I'm Bridgett Hart. I ignite private practice by recruiting awesome key people.

Bridgett Hart's Bio:

Bridgett Hart brings over 20 years of leadership experience with her. After spending 15 years coordinating staff and volunteers for agencies like the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs in Washington State, Bridgett moved to Phoenix, AZ to offer her operations knowledge to the family business.

In her role as Executive Director over a multi-million dollar organization with 250+ employees operating 24/7/365, she developed a team that was able to withstand incredible pressures during the most devastating economic downturn in the companies 20-year history.

She developed a system of recruiting, training, and evaluation that allowed her to slash turnover rates and costs and significantly improve quality of operations.

When the business was sold in 2012, Bridgett began offering her expertise to the numerous small-business owners and entrepreneurs in her network.

As demand grew for her services, she developed In-House HR as a way to provide the support small businesses need without the overhead and inefficiencies of a typical staffing agency or business consultant.

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human rights, luxury life, entrepreneurship, empowerment, women in business

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